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Walk Kansas


It's Time For Walk Kansas!

Walk Kansas 2015

Captain Packet
Welcome Letter
Captains Guide
Team Registration
Captains Team Log
Tips for Success

Participant Packet
Participant's Welcome
Participant's Walk Strong
Participant's Individual Registration Form
Participant's Daily Log
Participant's Fruit Chart
Participant's Veggie Chart
Photo Challenge

Complimentary programs for Walk Kansas:

Gage Park Audiocast
Click here to listen to the
Gage Park Audiocast or download to an MP3 player. The 38-minute narration is a walking tour of Gage Park in Topeka, Kansas. Right-click and "Save Target As..." or "Save Link As..." to download file. To print Gage Park Map click here.


2. Healthy Eating for Life Videos
Click on the link to select demonstration videos of Stir-fry, Lighter Cheeseburger Soup or Crispy Baked Chicken Strips and more.  Downloadable recipes.

Visit our Program Library and Useful Links for program related documents and websites.


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Speaker's Bureau

DASH Diet: Dietary Approaches to Stopping Hypertension

What you eat affects your chances of developing high blood pressure, or hypertension.  Recent studies show that blood pressure can be lowered by following the Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension (DASH) eating plan - and by eating less salt, also called sodium.

Seasoning with Herbs and Spices
Herbs and spices have been used for centuries to flavor foods, but recent studies show many popular herbs and spices are also sources of natural antioxidants that can reduce cancer risk.  This lesson covers guidelines for using seasonings, preserving herbs, food safety issues and proper storage of herbs and spices.


To schedule one of these programs, contact Lisa Martin at 785-232-0062, extension 119 or .

Food Safety
At-home safe food handling is in your hands when it comes to protecting you and your family against foodborne illnesses.  Food safety begins with grocery shopping, and continues with food preparation and the safe use of leftovers.  Follow these steps of Cleaning, Chilling, Separating and Cooking foods safely in all areas of handling your family's food.

Be Food Safe!  Prepare with care:
CLEAN:  Wash hands and surfaces often.
SEPARATE:  Don't cross-contaminate.
COOK:  Cook food to proper temperatures.
CHILL:  Refrigerate promptly.
(Note:  The USDA and FDA have reset the minimum internal temperature of all poultry at 165 degrees Fahrenheit.


Visit our Program Library and Useful Links for program related documents and websites.

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Health, Nutrition, & Safety Library>EFNEP Logo

The Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program's (EFNEP) mission is to assist families and youth with limited resources in making simple changes in eating behaviors so that over time, healthy choices become healthy habits.   

Adult Nutrition Education Program

Adult clients meet with EFNEP nutrition educators in individual or group lessons.  You will learn about basic nutrition, food preparation, budgeting and shopping, and food safety.  To learn more about EFNEP, click here(Neighbor, Did You Know brochure).

Here is a list of lessons:

                           MyPyramid Basics                         Grains
                           Vegetables                                  Fruits
                           Dairy                                          Meat and Beans
                           Fats and Cholesterol                     Sugar
                           Stretching Your Food Dollar            Menu Planning
                           Feeding Young Children                  Food Safety

Youth Nutrition Education

Young Kansans in Shawnee County learn how to eat a healthy diet by participating in EFNEP youth programs.  Nutrition education lessons are taught in your classroom by EFNEP Nutrition Assistant Kendra Stover at NO CHARGE.

Click here for a list of programs .
For more information or to schedule a program, contact:

Kendra Stover
Shawnee County Extension Office
1740 SW Western Avenue
Topeka, Kansas 66604
(785) 232-0062, ext. 114
(785) 232-0093

 You can also print the request for lessons order form (pdf) and fax it to our office at (785) 232-0093, or download and fill it out in fillable (Word) and submit it via e-mail to 

Visit our Program Library and Useful Links for program related documents and websites.


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Food Preservation

Health, Nutrition, & Safety Library>foodpreservation


Food Preservation

Whether you' re canning tomatoes, freezing peaches or making jelly, you' ll find resources and standardized recipes at the K-State Research and Extension web site to help you preserve your product safely.


Food Preservation


Food Preservation Links

Check out this site for more information about canning products from Presto, Mirro, Mrs. Wages, Sure-Jell and more.


Food Preservation Links

Visit our Program Library and Useful Links for program related documents and websites.

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Kansans Optimizing Health Program (KOHP)

KOHP is an evidence-based program developed at Stanford University for individuals who want to manage their chronic condition and improve their health.

KOHP is a highly interactive program where people of various chronic conditions come together to learn and practice new skills over a six week period.  Participants meet once a week for 2 1/2 hous to discuss and problem solve a variety of topics relevant to coping with chronic conditions.

Subjects covered include:

  • techniques to deal with frustration, fatigue, pain and isolation
  • appropriate exercise for maintaining and improving strength, flexibility and endurance
  • appropriate use of medications
  • communicating effectively with family, friends and health professionals
  • nutrition
  • how to evaluate new treatments

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