Shawnee County
Russell, Leroy
Designation Agriculture Agent
On Campus Address : Shawnee County Extension
1740 SW Western Avenue Topeka, Kansas 66604
Phone(s) : 785-232-0062
Fax : 785-232-0093
E-mail :
Area(s) of
: Leroy administers the Agriculture program.
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In January 2009, I changed positions from 4-H agent to Agriculture in Shawnee County.

I grew up on a crop, beef cattle, dairy and horse farm in Greenwood County.  I graduated from K-State with a Masters of Science in Agriculture Education degree.  Then I went on to teach Agriculture  Education/FFA at Washburn Rural High School for 13 years and then I have spent 18 1/2 years as the Shawnee County 4-H agent.

Our staff will help you with questions in agronomy, animal sciences, grass and crop production, indoor and outdoor pest control and many other agricultural topics.  The Shawnee County Extension Office has a variety of brochures and help guides available to you that are also on our web site.

We have the ability at Kansas State University in Manhattan to have a soil fertilty test for your garden, lawn or field.  We also have a hay probe for check out for testing your hay.  Training events are scheduled pertaining to crop and animal production for local producers.  Please call the office for more help or details on these subjects.

M.S. Agriculture Education, Kansas State University,