Shawnee County
Evans, Cindy
Designation Family & Consumer Sciences Agent
On Campus Address : 1740 SW Western Avenue Topeka, Kansas 66604-3095
Phone(s) : 785-232-0062
Fax : 785-232-0093
E-mail :
Area(s) of
: Nutrition and food safety, family financial management, home environment (energy, recycling, and maintenance) and indoor air quality.
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I enjoy helping Shawnee County residents learn to eat well and live better. I answer questions and teach programs that educate the public on safe food handling, healthy food
choices and food preparation methods. Extension promotes staying active by offering Walk Kansas, an eight-week walking program for teams of six, each spring.

Indoor air quality issues are important to all Kansans. Whether you are testing your home for radon gas, assessing a mold problem or needing to reduce triggers for allergies and asthma, I can provide research-based information and advice.

As a senior health insurance counselor in Kansas (SHICK), I can answer questions related to
Medicare and the Part D prescription drug program.

Finally, I enjoy sharing information to help individuals and families learn to build wealth. Call me for information on how to build a budget, manage saving and checking accounts, use credit wisely, or get a first loan. For those who have mastered these first steps to building wealth, Extension offers additional information on Catch-Up Strategies for Late Savers and tax credits.

Family and Consumer Sciences provides an array of information to meet the needs of our county residents throughout the many phases of their lives.