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About Health, Nutrition, & Safety

Kansans increasingly seek information about their food and nutrition needs, about how to prepare easy and nutritious meals, and about physical activity. Helping Kansans eat more healthfully and increase physical activity can improve their quality of life now and in the future and reduce health care costs. Learning to eat healthfully can also stretch food budgets.


In order to prevent foodborne illnesses, K-State University scientists and educators present information on safe food handling practices for the benefit of Kansans.

Salt is in the news but how much do you really know about the salt in your diet?  Take the "Salt Savvvy" quiz to learn more:  http://food.unl.edu/web/fnh/salt-savvy.

Click here for advice on stretching your food dollar.  New handouts highlight saving tips for grocery shopping, cooking and dining out.
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Visit our Health, Nutrition, & Safety Program Library.

K-State's Rapid Response Line.

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Ask Karen for answers to your food safety questions!

Visit the K-State Research & Extension Library.

Program Staff

Evans, Cindy
Family & Consumer Sciences Agent
Phone : 785-232-0062

Martin, Lisa
Expanded Food & Nutrition Education Program Agent
Phone : 785-232-0062

Jones, Janice
Expanded Food & Nutrition Education Program Asst
Phone : 785-232-0062

Stover, Kendra
Expanded Food & Nutrition Education Program Asst
Phone : 785-232-0062

Munoz, Margarita
Expanded Food & Nutrition Education Program Asst.
Phone : 785-232-0062